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Terms & Conditions

  • All orders and contracts are subject to approval of home office at Onalaska, Wisconsin.
  • Our quotations are based on purchaser’s acceptance of over and under runs not exceeding ten percent of quantity ordered.
  • All orders are subject to delays occasioned by strikes and other causes over which we have no control.
  • Purchaser agrees to indemnify and save Seller from loss if any goods produced to his specifications are claimed to infringe any patent or copyright.
  • Charges for dies do not convey the right to remove from our plant, but dies are maintained in serviceable condition at our expense.
  • Cancellation of orders can only be made with our consent and upon terms which will indemnify us against loss.
  • All goods are inspected before shipment. Claims for shortages or defective workmanship must be made within ten days from receipt of shipment.
  • All quotes are good for 6 months from the date on the quote.

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