Do we need blueprints?

Since most every thing we do at Metallics is custom, we build based on a blueprint and artwork. This ensures maximum quality by allowing the blueprint to be viewed at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Is artwork required?

Metallics has an in-house Art department and can work with numerous types of customer-supplied artwork (see Artwork Compatibilities).

What dimensional tolerance can Metallics hold?

The tolerance level is based on the blueprint provided by the customer. There is a variety of tolerances available depending on the needs of our customers. Metallics uses a wide variety of tools and dies ensuring a custom fit for each job.

What are prep and die charges?

Prep charges are one-time charges (pending artwork changes) that cover the cost of converting/creating the artwork into a working form of decorating. Die charges are also one time, and cover the tools necessary to ensure quality cutting and piercing operations on certain projects.

What is your standard lead-time?

Metallics is customer-driven and responds to changing demands in order to get you parts when you need them.  We can expedite your order to get you your parts ASAP.

Are you UL or CSA Certified?

We are compliant with companies like UL, CSA, ITS, and work with Military Specifications on a daily basis.

Can I check my order status?

Metallics sends you an email as soon as your order leaves the plant.  A tracking number for UPS is provided within the email.  For other questions regarding order status, please contact one of our Customer Care Specialists.