Services We Provide

Vendor Consolidation

The ability to produce decorated products cut to close tolerances with optical controlled die cutters and punch presses, thermal presses and mechanical presses to 250 tons gives METALLICS, Inc. the widest array of capabilities in the industry.

Electronically Transferred Purchase Order Acknowledgements

You can receive e-mailed acknowledgements so you can be sure your order is being processed rapidly, allowing you to have internal planning capabilities.

  • Also offered by fax and mail

Inventory Control Systems

  • Blanket Ordering allows the customer to place an order for a specific amount of pieces and take them in multiple shipments.
  • Kanban systems are similar but work off an annual amount and in a continuous release pattern.

(Please call out blanket order and kanban intentions when requesting a quotation).

Blanket ordering and kanban systems share a few benefits:

  • Lead-time is shortened because of our ability to forecast releases.
  • Taking large quantity orders in multiple releases instead of one will significantly increase your inventory turns.
  • When making a commitment on higher quantities, a price break is often achieved.

Advanced Shipment Notices

An e-mail is sent to you as soon as the shipment leaves our building. This enables you to plan the arrival of inventory days before it arrives. For example, if you know you are two days away by UPS, when you get your email that a particular part number has shipped, you know precisely when it will be on the receiving dock.

Quality Associations

We are compliant with companies like UL, CSA, Intertek, and work with Military Specifications on a daily basis.

Consulting Services

If you are not sure about an application of a specific adhesive, for example, you can easily and quickly get answers from our experienced team. You can get a variety of answers by contacting us.